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Friday, August 1, 2014

A Day of Gratitude - Part 1

I came across a challenge to start a gratitude journal, and it inspired me. 
I allow myself to easily get caught up in all the things going wrong in my day that I forget about all the blessings I have to be grateful for. 
How can I feel blessed if I focus on all of the negative things in my life. 
So I am challenging myself (and you) to find something to be grateful for every day!!
Here we go...!

Day 1: My Faith
I don't know what kind of person I would be without it. Lost, fearful, unloving, distrustful, broken. So many adjectives come to mind. I can't even fathom not having the knowledge of my saving Grace, that frees me from all my sins. When I really take the time to think about it I am deeply humbled. 
To think that an all powerful God would give so much for me. 
I don't think we truly understand and take in the extent of that grace that God offers us.
I don't deserve such grace. I don't deserve such sacrifice. 
But I have it none the less!
That deserves true gratitude.


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